Electromechanical Installations

Konstant Group provides expert consulting and design services in numerous areas of electromechanical installations.

Our company has designed the electromechanical installations for many government and local authority buildings (Prefectures, Municipalities, Correctional facilities, etc) throughout Greece.

Possesses extensive experience in the design of electromechanical installations for a variety of projects related to education. As shown in the relevant projects list, we have undertaken projects for Schools, Universities, Educational institutes, etc. 

Moreover, a large variety of buildings and installations with case specific requirements is included in the culture and tourism sector: museums, archeological sites, theaters, cinemas, cultural centers, conference centers, hotels etc. Our company has undertaken numerous projects in this area which often included special installations e.g.: stage lighting, electroacoustics, open archeological sites surveillance, conference centers installations, exhibit lighting for museums and archeological sites etc.

Furthermore the design of installations related to Health services is demanding due to the special installations needed. Our company has been systematically involved in the Health Services area for more than three decades providing expert advice and designing numerous installations for: Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers etc. Its accumulated experience guarantees the satisfaction of the special requirements of this demanding area.

The installations for areas designed for sport activities require special consideration for their specific requirements. Konstant Group has been active in the area with numerous designs for Sport Centers, Gymnasiums and courts.

The company’s principal areas of specialization are:


institutions, offices, education, culture and tourism, health services, sports facilities


Our company has designed the electromechanical installations for a lot of the most important transport projects in Greece. We have taken part in a wide range of road, railroad and airplane transportation projects, acquiring extensive experience in the field.During the past few years, we have undertaken the design of E/M installations for a significant number of road tunnels of approximately 30 km length, in total. 


There is also a wide area of special, case specific installations that require special design.Konstant Group has successfully undertaken a variety of projects in a wide range, always focusing on quality design and consulting that takes into consideration the specific requirements of the particular electromechanical installation such as underground parking lots, industrial installations, fishing ports/shelters, pumping stations, wastewater treatment.